Digital Art-working Portfolio

Below, we showcase just a few of our images. In our full digital art-working portfolio, you can see work for Kiddicare, Art in Site, and Bulova Watches, to name but a few. You will find huge image compositions that have been digitally art-worked and mastered. They were then printed to up to 18ft long posters. You will see watches that have been cleaned and retouched. You will see creative, artistic and fun image compositions. Not only will you see these images, but you will also read about the process that it took to create them. Within each of our portfolios, there is a lengthy description of what it took for us to create the image or images. This is especially fascinating when it comes to some of the large composite images that we created with Art in Site – such as the Camber Dunes images.

We love telling people what we do and we love to share what we know. So, if you wish to hear more about our digital artworks, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are incredibly proud of the work we have done. Unfortunately, we are unable to show projects in our digital art-working portfolio, that are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We also are not able to show anything we have worked on in the last 6 months. However, there is plenty to see, so feel free to have a browse around.

The full portfolio can be found here.

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