Model Retouching

  • digital art-working at its best - model retouching
  • lady in red
    Lady in red
  • model-retouching
    retouched model for magazine printing
  • model retouching on model in red dress
    model retouching on model in red dress
  • model retouching - high-quality image retouching, creative artworking and reprographics
    high-quality image retouching, creative artworking and reprographics - model retouching
  • snow princess model retouching
    Harrods toys magazine - snow princess - model retouching
  • high-end retouching and colour correcting for the fashion industry - model retouching
    model retouching high-end, superb quality retouching for the fashion industry
  • model retouching on blonde model with red lipstick
    model retouching on lady in black cape

Retouching for the modelling and fashion industry

Time is money and not every Brand has an unlimited fund for its marketing. The costs of a location shoot with a photographer, assistants, models, make-up artist and stylists can cost an arm and a leg. Art directors need to good quality shots right-away. But later, after the photography is completed, they may need to make some tweaks. Getting the images to match the desired look and feel of their designs, is paramount.

This is where Bill Greenwood Ltd can help. For decades we’ve recoloured and reworked photography to get it right for our clients, worldwide.

We feel it is important to use the digital tools to give the photographer and art director what they want, and what they mostly want is to keep it real, while adding a bit of panache.

What we do

We will occasionally be asked to create a different mood by re-balancing the lighting across a single of series of shots, changing the capture so the image blends closer to the design colourways or to their company branding.

We’ll retouch clothing, removing tags and labels, and swatch-match. The pose of a model may, for that split-second make it look like the clothing looks baggy or ill-fitting. We can, therefore, ease creases in garments, lengthen trousers and sleeves. Making shoes fit, is also a possibility. Sometimes, the best shot of the day may have strands of hair that crosses over the eyes. Or perhaps someone got in the way of the shot in the background. All of this can be fixed in the post-production of the images.

Everyone has bad days, and models are no exception. In the past, we’ve had models attend pre-booked shoots with colds and they’ve asked us to reduce puffy eyes and red noses. Some brands will hire models who will have a tattoo or two. They’ll love the model but not the tattoos – the ink must go! Today’s ultra-sharp cameras pick up every minute detail and it is the job of the retoucher to remove and clean up some of the unwanted details.

Getting the perfect one-shot capture isn’t easy. At Bill Greenwood Ltd we specialise in natural high-end model retouching that enhances the images without losing the natural look.

To see view the differences between the before and after shots – visit the Retouching Page – here you can clearly drag or swipe across an image to see just some of the changes we make.

The image above was taken by photographer: Slava Samoilenko
Retouching: Bill Greenwood Ltd

Below are a few examples of model retouching by Bill Greenwood Ltd.