Multi-image Compositions

Some of our larger project work has come from Kiddicare and Art in Site. Below are some examples of our indoor and outdoor multi-image compositions. We not only showcase the images, as they speak for themselves, we also tell you about the technology and skills that were used to create them.


In-store wall art

Each piece of wall art was 2.4 meters high. Some were 13 meters long.

See examples below of the in-store multi-composition wall art created for the Kiddicare Nottingham store. Each image had extensive retouching. The overall balance of each shot was slightly reworked. Each image had to match. We also adjusted the different focal points and sharpness in each photo. Read more about Kiddicare and the work we have completed for them, in the Kiddicare Project Page.

Kiddicare In-store multi composition wall art
In-store multi-image composition wall art

Art in Site – Integrated Artwork for Community-Focused Buildings

For Art in Site we produced integrated artworks and multi-image compositions that were up to 18m in length! The frieze of London below, is one of the most exciting projects we have worked on. It took more than 60 hours to create. We worked with a phenomenal photographer on this project who took the shots we used from the top of Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital. He prepared for all eventualities and even managed to manipulate the weather!

It was really important that there was no camera-shake on these images, so the photography took a long time to get right, but he did it. We got the images and they were excellent to work with! Now, we just had a great deal of retouching to do. We removed and replaced all people, cars and boats which had come into the timelapse. In most cases, we took them out and popped them in elsewhere. The images were cleaned meticulously so that not a single spec of dust could be seen. Later, we laced the images together, seamlessly. Read more of our story here.

Multi-image composition london frieze
Multi-image composition London Frieze

For more of our work with Art in Site visit the Art in Site multi-composition page