Kiddicare – Multiple Image Composites

Below we showcase three 2.4m high in-store panels – multiple image composites. Each section shows the final image, followed by the individual images used to create it.


Kiddicare In-store multi composition wall art

Number of images used: 6
Final measurements of wall art: 11840mm x 2400mm

We photographed this multiple-image composite with the intention of keeping the grey background as a fabric. We removed the repeating patterns in the backdrop so they didn’t appear in the final composition. Additionally, we used areas from other shots to extend the sheets, add in feathers and smaller details. The retoucher returned the over-exposed areas to compensate for the harsh lighting that hung near the poster site. Finally, when all elements were signed off, we created a print-ready profiled artwork for the printer to create a single 2.5m high x 11meter long flame retardant wrapped panel

Going Green

In-store multi composition wall art 1

Number of images used: 5
Final measurements of wall art: 12116mm x 2400m

The photographer shot all three images of the children close-up against blue background panels. This caused a prominent blue hue in the shadows which was reflecting back into the fabric and skins. We cleaned up the blue panels and seamlessly blended them together. We eliminated the bounceback. At Bill Greenwood Ltd we clean and balance all images individually. The retoucher cleaned and straightened the floors. The photographer was asked to purposefully overexpose the images to capture detail in the deep shadows. It was with the understanding that this detail would be returned in post-production. Using the RAW files and a 32-bit process, we brought more detail back into the images. From the approved retouching, we then extended backgrounds and created 12meter panels to sit in-store.

The Whole Family

kiddicare In-store multi composition wall art 3

Number of images used: 6
Final measurements of wall art: 11840mm x 2400mm

As with lots of action shots, not everything goes perfectly well for that one capture. On the client’s favourite group shot, we had an arm covering the face of one of the children The swiftest option was to remove the child and replace with a leg from another shot. Luckily retouching gives us the ability to make easy (and painless) alterations and create these incredible multiple-image composites.

Further Kiddicare multiple-image composites can be viewed in our Portfolio

Kiddicare is now part of Dunelm-kids.