Camber sands dune red kite
Camber Dunes - Camber Sands

Camber Sands is the only sand dune system in East Sussex, making it a perfect place for the Art in Site photography team to capture imagery, not found anywhere else.

Being on the coast, the area usually has a breeze. Consequently making the job of the photographer more difficult to get crisp, sharp and detailed imagery. Also, there is a great deal of movement in the grass, even on still days. It also makes the job of the retoucher more difficult when merging the shots. After a few failed attempts, luckily the photographer finally got one of the calmer days to snap a disk full of images.

The panoramic design of Camber Dunes required a blend of many shots. The photographer took the shots at different heights, angles and distances. The retoucher dealt with the shift of the grasses when layering the images. We ensured that each strand was blended with little to no movement.

This job involved many creative masks, redrawing grasses and recreating areas to match the natural scene. In total, elements from over 100 images – some for just a single strand of grass – were used to build this composition.

This composition was a detailed and challenging work that required much patience. The resulting piece was very well received by the client and the public at large.

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