Camber Dunes Composite Image

Camber Dunes Composite Image
Composite image of the Dunes at Camber Sands.

Wrapped Panel, Composite Image of the Dunes at Camber Sands

This wrapped panel composite image of Camber Dunes was created for The Thomas Cook Children’s Critical Care Centre at King’s College Hospital, London, in collaboration with Art in Site. This unit is the UK’s first combined Paediatric Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit.

We created this using hundreds of images. The photographer had to take quite a few different shots, at different times. However, due to the movement in the grasses on the dunes, some days were just too windy. The natural breeze easily got in the way of achieving clean, crisp, sharp images.

Each composite image was retouched. We colour-matched all images to fit across the board. To create the combined image we had to cut out various beach items, children and flags. These were replaced in the final image creating a panoramic view with lots of elements. Furthermore, we cut out individual strands of grass and pasted them into their rightful places. The merging of the shots came with its own challenges – the windy days also made it difficult to blend the grasses. This, in turn, made it difficult to achieve sharp, clean results. But, we did it!

We created many masks, redrew grasses and recreated areas to match the natural scene. In total, we used elements from over one hundred images.

This was yet another project that we had the pleasure of working on, with Art in Site. In the end, the image measured 11m x 1m. It was an incredible sight, seeing the wrapped panel mounted on the walls of this brilliant paediatric unit.

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