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We don’t see clients, we see partners.

At Bill Greenwood Ltd we specialise in high-quality artwork production, image retouching, reprographics and online graphics. We have, for over 3 decades, created remarkable images and the artwork they sit within!

Our bigger clients are household brands, design, advertising & marketing studios, photographers, and publishers. We also produce artworking and image retouching for brochures, coffee-table books, online adverts, clothing catalogues and packaging. Furthermore, we love doing it.

High-quality retouching

We thrive on being experts in the field of high-end retouching. For clothing brands we produce colour critical swatch-matched results. We can rebalance lighting on product or model shots. Sometimes we may be building an 18m pixel-perfect composition to be installed in a hospital. Sometimes we may just recolour a chair or clean up images after a photo shoot. The need for digital retouching is endless. It is a pleasure creating effortlessly stunning images.

All work is strictly covered by NDA agreements, so we do not publish any work or projects without prior permission.

Take a look at the portfolio section. Recently we have been creating some online graphics for a guerilla marketing campaign.

Digital artworking

Alongside our retouching and image editing services, we also offer artwork creation for all media platforms. From re-creating pixel-perfect Artworking and print-ready PDFs. We deliver on time and within budget. Most importantly, our mission is to artwork to perfection.

From a simple logo to complete artworking for many different sectors; print, online, signage or clothing. We deliver on advertising, online graphics, magazine & catalogue production, InDesign data merging and interactive PDF.

We can recreate from almost all supplied formats. Turning PowerPoints into design files or with a bit of tweaking converting PDFs from any source back into design files.

Pre-media consultancy and press passing

We do provide a consultancy service for your studio or print room. Advising on workflows and implementing ways of working and checking processes.
We are in also touch with other trusted specialist experts should the need arise, or more specialists skills in certain areas are required.

Open-source solutions such as ResourceSpace Digital Asset Management or FreeNas server solutions can be supported.

There is a wealth of pre-press and print knowledge waiting to be shared with you and as well as having an in-depth knowledge of all pre-media production processes, we can take your design files and make them print-ready, for all print processes; Litho, Gravure, Flexo and Screenprinting too.

This understanding of all the print processes and knowledge of colour reproduction is put to good use whilst press-passing. In the past, we’ve had to stop-the-press on a few occasions due to a printer’s pre-press team making an error. Or even a client supplying their own artwork incorrectly. Check, check and check again. Saving print jobs from printing badly and saving £££s in reruns.

We also love working with our clients and don’t just consider them customers. To us, you are our partners.

High-quality image retouching, creative art-working and reprographics are the cornerstones of Bill Greenwood Ltd. Please feel free to contact us with any queries. We are here to help.

Mobile: +44 7958 522 258

The retouched and art-worked images can be found in the links above. In addition, in the ‘Portfolio‘ galleries there is a description of the processes we have used. On the Retouching pages, we have created sliders across the images because we understand the importance of visuals. This also allows us to show-off a bit. The ‘Multi-image Composition‘ section showcases our projects with the brilliant Art-in-Site company, who transform buildings into caring environments. The London Cityscape at the bottom, being one of the projects we were especially honoured to work on.

A random selection of produced graphics to click through

  • The retouching process
    retouching process
  • model-retouching
    retouched model for magazine printing
  • snow queen
    Ice image retouch
  • The retouching process
    retouching side by side images, colour correcting
  • model retouching for the fashion industry
    High-end Retouching at Bill Greenwood Ltd - superb images for the fashion industry model retouching
  • Bulova Designed to inspire
    Bulova Designed to inspire
  • The retouching process
    Fascinator - the retouching process
  • Uithuizen-InDesign-Data-Merge-1000-Cards
  • boy pointing finger
    Green background boy point
  • model retouching on wedding dress model
    model retouching on model in wedding dress
  • The retouching process
    digital retouching The retouching process
  • The retouching process
    retouching, artworking and colour correction
  • Evelina gang goodbye
    Evelina gang goodbye
  • Cefyn Coed Dementia unit Swansea - artwork by Alison Moger
    Cefyn Coed Dementia unit Swansea - artwork by Alison Moger
  • The retouching process
    retouching at its best - digital remastering of images by Bill Greenwood Ltd
  • The retouching process
    retouching post production and image digitalisation The retouching process
  • The retouching process
    digital retouching, colour correction for the fashion industry
  • post production of Pedro Joseh
    Model: Pedro Joseh Retouching: Bill Greenwood
  • undersea freize multi-image composition art in site
    Undersea Freize Multi-Image Composition
  • Mars Bar
    Mars Bar
  • multi-image composition Diver from St Thomas
    Diver from st thomas
  • Smile-Car
  • wrapped panel composite image - Camber Dunes
    multi-image composition - Camber Dunes
  • large digitally-composed multi-image composition London Frieze
    Multi-image Composition London Frieze for St Thomas' Hospital
  • nigel milne jewellery artworked and printed
  • model retouching sparkly and creative retouching for the fashion industry
    Model retouching. Creative high-end retouching for the fashion industry
  • swimming across a road up a hill