Multi-image Composition Undersea Frieze

undersea freize multi-image composition art in site
Undersea Freize Multi-Image Composition

Multi-image Composition Created for Thomas Cook Children’s Critical Care Centre at King’s College Hospital, London.

This multi-image composition created for Thomas Cook Children’s Critical Care Centre at King’s College Hospital, London, was a collaboration between Bill Greenwood Ltd and Art in Site.

The above image is the final piece. Below you can view the separate images it took to create this underwater paradise.

We used many different shots all from locations. The photography used came from Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago Brazil, the Marshall Islands and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Because it is not possible to get one, long shot, with a wide-angle lens, we had to combine multiple images, using digital processes.

Art in Site supplied several mock-ups and images, that were to make-up this 10-metre frieze. We cleaned and retouched each image, ensuring they were all compatible. Every element had to blend perfectly because the final image must not look fabricated at all. The image had to look like it was one long shot.

This, along with all the work we have collaborated on with Art in Site, was a huge team effort. As well as working together, the art direction we received from Art in Site was invaluable. That is why we love to call our clients our partners. It takes a great team of people, working together, to achieve images like these.

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