Product Advertising

PDF adverts often require reprofiling, resizing and last minute amends.

Along with the high-end retouching and extensive retouching and colour-correcting skills. Some of the work we do for the advertising industry can seem to be more mundane but it is critical to get correct. Sometimes it’s the most challenging. The work can vary between jewellery, watches and cars to art-working posters for digital output and pre-press.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have some real diamonds amongst our clients. Finalising work from American Express and Ford to Bulova Watches. Advertising work is always varied. The watches generally require enhancing and sometimes even extensive retouching from the master signed off advert. Whereas, American Express is more art-working and composition.

For Bulova Watches campaign, we were given a number of adverts that needed to be profiles and converted for different publications with different paper types; from newsprint to glossy magazines. We enhanced the colour of the watches and matched master proofs, ensuring the company had accurate colour and consistency across all the print mediums.

For American Express we were given a series of adverts that had to be matched, colour-corrected and profiled for differing paper stocks. Some adverts had been supplied from the agency in the wrong specification and with text errors. We had no access to the original files, so had to remake from the PDFs; making type and size corrections to fit the specification needed.

For more info on specialist colour-retouching for jewellery, watches and cars, please see our Retouching Page.

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