Multiple-Image Composition for Kiddicare – The Whole Family

kiddicare In-store multi composition wall art 3

Multiple-image Composite Wall Art

We had the pleasure of working on quite a few of these multiple-image compositions for Kiddicare. To learn more about the process we went through to achieve this final image, have a look at our Multi-image compositions section.

The first image shows our final composition. As you will discover from the Kiddicare composition page , we had to go through some quite crucial changes to these images, before they were brought together as one.

We retouched all the images, colour matched their backgrounds and cut-out the various elements we needed from each image. These were then brought back into the final image.

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a multi-image composition…

b multi-image composition…

c multi-image composition …

Below are the 3 images we used to compose this artwork.

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