Post Production of the Room Sets for Kiddicare

The Post-Production Process

At Bill Greenwood Ltd, we often work with photographic studios, editors and designers. When we worked for Kiddicare, on the post-production of their room-sets, we enhanced, colour-corrected and retouched, whilst taking away elements and introducing new ones.

Clients often use photography studios to set up room shots for complex, high-end work. It is more effective to use a studio (than a house) as it is easier to create different versions of rooms in one place. It is easier to transport and assemble a variety of products on-site; walls can be freely painted and windows, created. The studios allow plenty of space for the bulky lighting and camera equipment needed to create great shots. However, no matter how good the prep work is, there will always be some elements that need fixing during the post-production phase. This can both be a quicker and more economical way to achieve the final image.

The post-production of an image may include removing wires and screws, levelling flooring, cleaning footprints or dirt and recolouring products. In some cases, there may be a need for recreating and replacing products. It is much harder and more expensive to recreate the room in a studio, at a later date. And, it is much easier to add late-arriving products in post-production. The digital workspace is the perfect place for all post-production eventualities.

On the images below you can clearly see the mark-ups from the client. The room sets required quite a bit of alteration in the post-production process. The following images, show the process it took to get there.

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