Kiddicare – Hoola – 3-Panel Composition

In-store multi composition wall art 1
In-store multi-image composition wall art

3-Panel Composition

We produced this 3-panel composition for Kiddicare. We had the pleasure of working on quite a few of these composite-images for many locations across the country.

Each image was retouched extensively before combining to make this final image. The final image was used by the brand across all of its print & online publications. As well as for both in-store and outdoor signage.

This first image shows our final composition. We placed many of the posters at head-height in the outlets. This meant that they were truly a part of the store and that the public felt that they were a part of the scene. Indeed, because of the proximity of the images to the public, it was very important that the retouching and art-working we delivered, was to an extremely high standard. The details in the images are always viewed close-up when the images are so big. This can be both good and bad! In our case, it was good. At Bill Greenwood Ltd we pay special attention to the tiniest detail. We crave perfect images and we deliver them.

To learn more about the process we went through to achieve this final image, please see Kiddicare Compositions.

Since production of these images, Kiddicare has become part of Dunelm.