Retouched images for Excluded Unity Alliance silent stand on 30th June 2021.

It is sad to know that there has been over 20 suicides in the #ExcludedUK community. These lives may have been saved if Rishi Sunak and HM Treasury did not exclude them from meaningful financial support.

In March 2020, for many months, millions of individuals were told to stay at home. Business sectors were completely closed, events were cancelled, leaving many freelancers, gig workers, creatives and so many more unable to work. Small businesses have forced to shut and lose income.

The UK Government is well aware of the millions Excluded and Forgotten, but chooses not to do the right thing and provide parity to the Excluded. Despite initial promises of doing whatever it takes, over three million have been left behind, forgotten and discarded by the UK Government. Some will never return.