Digital Art-working for Kiddicare – Cowboy & Princess

Final Composition – Balloon Version

Merging images to achieve spectacular results using digital art-working.

It is always good to be doing something Christmassy in the summer months – and even better to do two versions. The work of a digital artist is often challenging. But, sometimes it is just pure fun! Using digital art-working, we created 2 composite images for Kiddicare (now Dunelm kids) in-store promotions.

The client asked us to use the boy in one version and the floor of another. In the end, we had 2 images, one with a tree and a star, one with just a background full of balloons. It really was a festive image once it was completed.

You can see the different versions below and the images used. It’s just like a game of spot the difference!

For the main tree image, we first had to drop on a new floor that showed the floorboards – of course, this had to be cleaned and neatened first. It is not easy to spot without looking at the original images, but that’s just one of the many things we do to manipulate images.

On seeing the image with the Christmas tree, the client wanted a non-Christmas version. So, we removed the tree and star and created some movement by adding more balloons into the background. These were dropped in from other shots and recoloured to match.

The ballons image was to sit on a pillar, directly above a recessed floor floodlight that would shine brightly upwards on the base of the image, so we darkened the floors and shadows ensuring it would still show through the beams.

Both images were displayed in-store at 1.8m high

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